About the Book

An arguable argument, “World is made of rocks and wars.”

An ancient civilization worsened with the evil deeds of dominant monarchies, who aimed their supremacy in the world, invaded many empires, and brutally went on commoners and killed many

Oz, a man with shattered dreams and lost family willed to confront the evilest kings, transformed himself from a farmer to a warrior and owed to destroy them.

Pluto a gifted prince, a loyal friend, and a personified man took control of the situation and joined the mission

Both together masterminded and led the series of wars with the skilled forces to save the people

The author sensibly portrayed:

  • A revenge drama in a poetical manner with constructive plots
  • A truthful friendship, two fruitful love stories, and three tactical wars
  • Rage and vengeance
  • Peace and glory
  • Heroics of the two legendary warriors, Oz and Pluto

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