About Author


I, Harsha Chakilam, a software engineer by profession. I finished my Masters from the University of Wolver Hampton, UK.

Like the flour in the baking machine, I am squelched, squeezed, dragged, beaten, torn, bent, folded, molded, dusted, flattened, heated and forced to be responsible, to be strong, to study, and to work.

I may have grown taller and stronger outside but, deep in my heart, I still laugh at those incidents, which tingled me in the past. I still adore my crushes in my imaginations, and even now I  feel the guilt for my misdeeds, which I did when I was a child.

I want to go back to my childhood to play with my friends on the rocks. I still remember the bliss of being a doctor while giving the medicines to my grandmother and the feel of an engineer when inserting batteries in the radio.

I want to go back to history to know the actual reasons on which, Dr. B R Ambedkar built the constitution, I want to question the honorable president of USA, Mr. Abraham Lincoln about the political situation of his time. I want to watch the real wars and the plots that were made to confront. I want to enjoy the silly jokes from my friends and tremble watching the horror films. I want to point, provoke and objectify the discrepancies in the nations and ask or give a solution to the public with my eloquent speech. I want to imagine a new world, new creatures, and new life.

I know that it is next to impossible to go back either to history or to my childhood. Maybe, some of those above said are possible, if and only if the time and comfort favors. But, I am the person with extreme adamant and never-give-up attitude. Yes! I want to make it possible, So, I planned to pen my dreams, my aspirations, and my inspirations. Yes, there may be errors in my writings but not in my thoughts.

I envision, I pen, and you live in my vision.